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Information for English religious Instruction

Welcome to English Religious Instruction Classes!

We in St. Eugenia Catholic Parish are glad to work with you in helping your child/ren to a deeper Catholic faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is our pleasure to invite you to ‘a new year Catechesis’ in English in our parish. You are welcome to start for the first time or to continue religious instruction classes and other interesting church activities with us.

Registration: 19th and 26th August 2018 (after 6pm Mass; at Övre Salen). Please endeavor to register your child/ren on these dates above, so that they will start classes in good time with others. The new year classes will begin on 2nd September.

The classes start every Sunday at 4pm and finishes with a joint English Mass for all classes at 6pm. All are welcome to share with both old and new families and friends!

Available classes: Pre-communion, Holy Communion (1st and 2nd year), Post-communion, and Confirmation.

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