Information for English religious Instruction

We in St. Eugenia Catholic Church are glad to invite you to new catechetical year English (CATECHESIS) religious instruction.

It may have taken some time since you participated in English religious class, maybe you have been away for some time or have been with us last year, but, in whichever case, you are welcome to continue with classes and other interesting church activities.

We are going to meet for the first time this semester on 3rd September at 16:00

The classes always start every Sunday at. 16:00 and finishes with a joint English Mass for all classes at 18:00. All are welcome to share with both old and new friends!

The teachings cost for the whole year is 200 SEK, it includes all the necessary course materials and refreshments. please insert the money (with your name and EC2017 as a keyword) on Parish swish number (1231051507) or pay cash during registration.

Available classes: pre-communion, Holy Communiom (1st and  2nd year), post-communion, and confirmation.



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    Gina says


    I have an 8 year old boy and a 6 a half year old boy whom I would like to send to communion preparation classes. i just wanted to check if it is one year or two years of classes, as I wasn’t sure from the post. Thanks

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      Mirtha Basombrio says

      Our classes is for children who are 8 years and so on. You can take contact with our sister Veronica Osuji DMBM, who is encharged of the Catechism in English. Her mailaddres is: sr.veronica@sanktaeugenia.se, telephone is: 076-564 84 34.
      With our best regards

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